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milana luvsosa



4 часа назад

Fuckers at school tellin’ me, always in the barbershop, “Chief Keef ain’t ‘bout this, Cheif Keef ain’t ‘bout that”. My boy a BD on fuckin’ Lemrod and them! He he, they say, “That n**ga don’t be puttin’ in no work”. Shut the fuck up!!! Y’all n**gas ain’t no shit! All ya mothafuckas talk about, “Chief Keef ain’t no hitta, Chief Keef ain’t this, Chief Keef hit in the face”. Shut the fuck up!!! Y’all don’t agree with that n**ga, y’all know that n**ga got caught with a ratchet, shootin’ at the police and shit. N**ga been on probation since fuckin’… I don’t know when! Mothafuckas, stop fuckin’ playin’ him like that! Them n**gas savages out there! If I catch another mothafucka talkin’ sweet ‘bout Chief Keef, I’m fuckin’ beatin’ they ass! I’m not fuckin’ playin’ no more! You know, those n**gas roll with Lil’ Reecy and them.

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