Scientists have developed heated clothing that can be controlled via an app

Russian scientists from Penza State University (PSU) have created “smart” outerwear with the possibility of automatic thermoregulation, which can be controlled using an application on a smartphone. This is reported by TARS.

Special threads act as heating elements, the power source is a small five-volt battery, and sensors controlled via a Bluetooth application are responsible for temperature regulation. All electronics will be removable.

The user will be able to set the temperature and maintain it at the desired level or adjust it depending on the weather conditions. It is this moment that distinguishes the development from analogues: similar solutions existing on the Russian market do not support heating regulation.

Russian scientists from Penza State University (PSU) have created


The authors of the project note that the functionality of such clothing can be expanded by adding new sensors. In addition, it will be possible to control humidity. It is known that the developers agreed on the release of the first batch of “smart” clothes with one of the Penza textile enterprises.

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