Avito Job: 42% of employees leave reviews about companies

Avito Roboty experts conducted a survey on the digital reputation of employers. 10,000 respondents from all over Russia took part in it. Briefly, the results of the study are presented below, you can read more about them in the press release.

The results showed that 42% of respondents write online discussions about companies. One in ten said that they report only about successful cooperation with the employer, while the same number report only about unsuccessful experiences.

48% of respondents said that when looking for an organization to work, they focus on reviews on the Internet, and only 7% do not read them at all. As for the information sought, 36% of Russians more often study information about salaries, 25% look for data about possible delays in payments, 23% – about processing and 22% – about fines.

Avito Roboty experts also identified the top 5 areas in which employees most often leave feedback. The results are shown in the screenshot below.

Research Avito Work on reviews about employers

Researchers identified user activity depending on a specific region. Thus, it turned out that the residents of the North Caucasus District (58%), as well as the Ural (48%), Southern (45%), and Central (41%) federal districts, write more often reviews about employers.

As for the results for cities with millionaires, Ufa is the first in terms of the number of users who leave feedback, with 57%. It is followed by Yekaterinburg (51%), Krasnoyarsk (47%), Voronezh (46%), Rostov-on-Don (45%), St. Petersburg (43%) and Moscow (41%).

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