How to leave a server in Discord

Almost every active Discord user is a member of at least several thematic servers, where communication takes place, various messages appear and events are held. In this article, I will tell you what to do if you want to leave the server.

I will also note that sometimes it will be useful to simply disable messages for a particular server, if you do not want to receive new messages now, but do not rule out that you will become an active member of the community again in the future. This can be done without leaving the project, which is described in another article:

Logging out of the Discord server

  1. To get started, launch Discord on your computer, open the mobile app, or go to its web version. There are no differences, the principle of action is the same everywhere. In the list on the left is an icon with the current servers where you are. Find the desired one among them and click on it to open it.Searching for a community in the list to log out of a server in Discord

  2. Next, click on the server name in the top bar to open its menu.Calling the menu in the community to exit the server in Discord

  3. Select an item from the list “Leave Server”.Finding the necessary button to log out of the server in Discord

  4. You will need to confirm this action in a small window.Confirm action to log out of the Discord server

  5. Discord will prompt you to choose one of the options that matches your reason for leaving the server. You can specify any of them or choose “Other”just close the window.Choosing reasons to log out of a server in Discord

  6. Now this server will not appear in the list on the left: you will not be considered a member of it and will not be notified. View the updated list after logging out of the Discord server

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Transfer of server management rights

At the end of this material, I want to give a small instruction for those users who are the owner of the server and want to leave it. Before that, the rights to own the community can be transferred to another user, and the algorithm of actions here is as follows:

  1. First, expand the server menu, then click on the button “Server Settings”.Opening server settings to transfer server rights in Discord

  2. Select a section from the list on the left “Participants”Place the cursor on the user who should now be the manager instead of you, and click on the button with three dots.Selecting a member to transfer server rights to in Discord

  3. Select an item from the menu “Transfer rights to server”.Button in the participant menu to transfer rights to the Discord server

  4. Read the message from the developers, then click on the similar red button. As soon as the message about the successful transfer of rights appears, you can leave this server as shown above.Confirmation of action to transfer rights to the server in Discord

The entire process of logging out of the Discord server takes literally a few seconds. The only thing is, keep in mind that without a link-invitation you will not be able to return to the server even if you want to do it immediately after exiting.

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