Timeweb domain resale: what it is and how it works

There are many sources of income on the Internet. But did you know that you can earn money selling domains? Timeweb has implemented a special partner reselling program, which will be discussed further.

What is domain reselling at Timeweb

Domain reselling is the sale of domain names to partners who act as an intermediary between Timeweb hosting and the end customer. Any natural or legal person can become a partner.

The essence of reselling is a wholesale deal, that is, the purchase of a whole batch of domains at a reduced cost. In turn, partners will be able to sell them at a markup and thus earn money.

Moreover, the discount under the affiliate reselling program in Timeweb grows as the volume of purchased domain names increases. For example, you can buy a small number of domains at first and then buy more domains as you reach your target number and desired registration or renewal price.

Why is it beneficial?

Partners receive reselling profit in the form of the difference between the price at which they bought the domains and the price they set. The amount of such markup is determined independently.

Also, such a program is profitable due to the discount that grows: the more domain names you buy, the cheaper a particular unit costs.

For example, Timeweb sells 6 to 15 domains in the .RU and .RF zones for 169 rubles per registration. We increase this value, and now, buying from 31 to 50 domains, one unit costs 162 rubles. But for the purchase of more than 100 domains, one costs 148 rubles.

Who is the program for?

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as private individuals, can use the domain reselling partner program. It can be especially suitable:

  • Web studios and online schools, where you can sell domain names within the interface for your clients and their sites. For the same reason, by the way, the reselling program can be used by SEO specialists, webmasters and even advertisers.

  • Hosting providerswho also purchase domains for their clients, but at the same time work in larger volumes.

  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed persons, which earn from traffic on domains. These people already use domains to link to their own sites and projects.

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Advantages of domain reselling in Timeweb

Timeweb domain reselling affiliate program includes the following benefits:

  1. The possibility of domain registration in more than 350 zones – starting from .RU and .RF and ending with .TECH or .MONEY.

  2. Management of domain names and other services through the celery control panel. You can also integrate our API.

  3. Round-the-clock support for partners and their clients on any issues.

  4. Obtaining legal advice on mediation, dispute resolution, exercise of preferential rights, etc.

  5. Guarantee of confidentiality. Timeweb does not disclose the details of cooperation, and at the same time does not use information about clients of partners for sending advertising materials.

Timeweb also has the lowest prices for buying domain names in the .RU and .RF zones. Please note that when the number of domains increases, the cost of registration and renewal does not just decrease, but also equalizes. Accordingly, when you buy a large number of domain names at once, you will ensure a lower cost and an increase in profit during their further extension.

How it works

You can become a partner in the domain reselling program in a few simple steps.

Step 1. Leave a request with your email address on the “Timeweb domain reselling” page or write to us at reseller@timeweb.ru. Those who are already Timeweb customers but are not yet engaged in reselling will be able to contact support directly.

Step 2 The manager will contact you to discuss the details and select the best option for cooperation within the existing or new control panel.

Step 3 Start buying domains. You can make the payment in various ways available in Timeweb.

The essence of the wrestling program is quite simple, anyone who wants to can use it. And in any case, upon resale, it will bring quite a lot of profit. In addition, we recommend following promotions and current offers on the Timeweb website and social networks!

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