Surfshark: Russia had the most data breaches in Q3 2022

The company presented a report on incidents related to data leaks for July, August and September 2022. According to this information, a total of 108.9 million accounts were hacked, and the top 5 countries most affected by the leaks included Russia, France, Indonesia, the United States, and Spain.

Here are some takeaways from the Surfshark report:

  • In the 3rd quarter, there were 70% more account hacks compared to the 2nd quarter.
  • Russia took first place in terms of the number of hacked accounts – there were 22.3 million. It is followed by France (13.8 million), Indonesia (13.3 million), the United States (8.5 million) and Spain (3.9 million ) ).


  • In France, the highest “density” of leaks was recorded: 212 hacked accounts per 1,000 people. In Russia – 153 per 1000, and on average in the world this indicator is around 14 leaks per 1000 users.
  • Europe is the most affected region, with more than 52 million breaches (or almost half of all incidents) recorded in Q3.

According to Surfshark analysts, Russia dominates the ranking of global data breaches for the third quarter in a row, while the US previously held the lead in the number of such events for several years. In some countries, the number of violations has increased by 1000%, mainly in Africa and South America.

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