In Samsung smartphones, a mode of blocking personal data will appear

Samsung will gradually start implementing a new Maintenance mode function in a number of its smartphones. With its help, users will be able to block access to information on their device while sending it in for repair.

The feature was successfully tested in Korea earlier in July, and initially launched in China in September. While it is added to the Galaxy S22 smartphone, it will later become available on most other models. As reported on the company’s news portal, implementation is planned for 2023.

Maintenance Mode function


To enable the maintenance mode, you need to select the appropriate item in the settings, in the “Battery and device care” section, and then reboot the device. Doing so will automatically create a new account on your phone that restricts access to sensitive user data, such as photos, messages, contacts, payment information, and more. During the repair, the specialist will be able to install his programs on the device, but after disabling the function, they will be automatically deleted.

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