Zen Update: Development Plans, Monetization, and Author Tools


Since September 12, the Zen service has officially joined VK. Zen Monday has recently announced some changes. They will touch on monetization and affiliate programs, and a number of new tools for authors will also be added. We will talk about this, as well as other updates in the service, below.

  • Authors will be able to monetize content for active subscribers.
  • “Nirvana” and “Aurora” partner programs will be closed in connection with the completion of the assigned tasks.
  • Withdrawal of funds to bank cards will appear. It is noted that authors from other countries will be able to use the cards of any non-Russian bank for transfers.
  • A “Favorites” section will be added where users can save posts they liked.
  • The principle of editing selections and searching for materials will change – this is due to changes in the work of the rubricator.
  • The videos in the program will automatically switch using autoswipe. By default, this function will be disabled, it can be activated so far only in the program in the ribbon settings.
  • Authors will be able to mark other channels in materials in all Zen formats – from videos to articles.
  • Timecode will be added for long videos.
  • Broadcasts will be disabled due to their lack of demand.

Some updates are already implemented, most are being implemented gradually.

As for development plans, it was stated here that Zen will not compete with other VK services, but will remain an independent brand. Developers will continue to attract new authors and new audiences.

We will remind you that at the end of August, VK and Yandex signed an agreement, according to which the first company received the Zen and Novosti sites, and the second, in return, purchased the Delivery Club delivery service.

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