How to increase the conversion of promotional mailings


Promotional mailings are one of the main ways to attract and retain subscribers. According to statistics, 49% of users would like to receive similar emails from their favorite brands on a daily basis. Despite such demand, the conversion of such mailings will not be guaranteed to be high. In order for sales to always be effective, you should monitor this indicator and promptly take measures to reduce it.

Why the conversion of promotional mailings decreases and how to increase it – we will talk about this in more detail in today’s article.

How to understand that the conversion of promotional mailings is falling

There are several issues that signal a decrease in conversion. If they are identified in time and immediately resolved, then the loss in sales will be minimally noticeable.

This is why the conversion in the newsletter can be reduced:

  • Lowered the baseline engagement rate. It is responsible for the percentage of opens and clicks from the total number of delivered letters. When subscribers stop opening emails or flip through them without much attention, then their engagement is at a minimum. As a result, no one follows the links and makes a purchase.
  • The percentage of unsubscribes has increased. It is impossible to completely get rid of unsubscribes – subscribers will do it all the time, which is quite normal. However, if your percentage is more than 0.4, then in such cases it is not possible to talk about a high conversion.
  • Seasonality of sales. Conversion in different periods can vary significantly. For example, when during promotions it reaches 20%, and in the normal period it stays at 5%. This does not mean that in the second case the conversion has decreased – such an indicator may be quite suitable for this season. To understand whether the conversion rate has actually become lower, pay attention to the overall share of sales, not to individual parts of it.

As you can see, conversion is a constant. At any moment, he is capable of changing for the worse. This may be due to unsubscribes or outdated content that subscribers are already tired of. To improve all indicators and make the conversion high, you can work with mailings.


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We increase the conversion of promotional mailings

The conversion of any newsletter directly depends on its content – it should be interesting and meet the needs of readers. Segmentation of the base, personalization of letters, lead generation and much more will help you in this.

Let’s look at each of the points and figure out how to use them to increase conversion.

Ice generation

This method involves collecting contacts of potential customers. People click on ads and land on the site. Then they leave their contacts so that they can be contacted and help to buy a product or issue a subscription. Contacts left by customers are leads that can be used for promotional mailings.

Lead generation will help you overcome the unsubscribe rate and further improve your conversion rate. Even if subscribers leave, you will have new contacts for newsletters.

Here’s how you can set up lead generation:

  • Motivate the user to leave a request on the site. To do this, you can offer a discount on the first order after a subscription or free material.
  • Synchronize the result. Make sure the subscription gift is valid. If it is not at all what the user expected, later he will simply unsubscribe from the newsletter or add the letter to spam.
  • Be prompt. As soon as the user leaves their contact information, immediately send them a welcome email. In it, thank the new subscriber and tell what will happen next, for example, “Congratulations, dear reader! In the following mailings, we will send informative letters or selections with promotions.”

Here is one example of what a similar call to subscription looks like on a website:

A call to action on a website is an example

Also, in the letter itself, you can use the subscription manager, where the user will choose the type of promotional mailing. As a result, the reader will remain in a good mood, because the mail will become a useful source of information.

An example of a subscription manager:

An example of a subscription manager

Greeting letter

If you immediately start sending emails to new subscribers with an offer to buy goods or services, then most likely it will not work at all. You should create a chain of welcome letters that will help retain and attract new readers. We talked about this method in more detail in the article “How to write a greeting letter: types, rules, examples”.

Frequency of sending letters

So that your subscribers do not send emails to spam and do not abuse the “Unsubscribe” button, monitor the frequency of sending. It is best to take care of the content plan – it will help you interact with subscribers, and the stock of ideas will always be full.


Segmentation of the database will allow your readers to receive the most relevant mailings. For example, you can divide subscribers into different age groups or by interests. You can read more about segmentation in the article “How to segment the subscriber base for email distribution”.

And here is one example of such a method on the Puma website. The sports brand offered subscribers to tell about their preferences before subscribing to the newsletter.

An example of segmentation in promotional mailings


All users love it when they receive personal letters rather than standard ones. Such promotional mailings have higher engagement, lower percentage of unsubscribes and good conversion. To create a personalized letter, you need not only to indicate the name of the recipient, but also to adjust the content to the interests of the reader. If at the entrance you segmented subscribers by interests, then sending newsletters with relevant topics is personalization.

You can also post product recommendation mailings. However, keep in mind that there are categories in which interest may disappear. For example, it can be goods for newborns or seasonal assortments.

This is how, for example, a personalized mailing based on product benefits can look like:

Example of segmented mailing

This mailing itself is no different from any other, but it was directed to the person who wanted to receive it. In this case, the user is more likely to purchase the product, and you will receive a profit and increase the conversion of the promotional email.

Additional methods to increase conversion

Above, we considered how the visual part works and the information provided to subscribers. It is also important not to forget the technical aspects of mailing:

  • Use mail validators. Such services will help you clean the database of non-existent addresses. One such tool is Mailvalidator.
  • Turn on double verification of mail. Users will sign up for promotional newsletters in two stages – first they will leave their contact details, and then they will confirm them in the mail through the received link. This will allow you to avoid cluttering the database with non-working mailboxes and reduce the risk of emails ending up in the spam folder.
  • Try to win back subscribers who have lost interest in the newsletter. Sometimes it happens that subscribers later forget about mailings and stop opening letters. To solve such a problem, you can start reactivation – remind yourself, give a promotional code or a personal offer.

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Conversion is the indicator that is important in any mailing. If you forget about it, the effectiveness of the entire email campaign will be minimal. In this article, we have covered the main methods that will help you keep your conversion on track and manage its growth. To do this, it is enough to set up lead generation, decide on the frequency of sending letters, make personalized mailings and never forget about your subscribers. Send only the content that the reader wants to see, and then the conversion will always be at the top. We wish you success!

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