How to increase traffic and sell it to advertisers with the greatest profit


Increasing traffic and profitably monetizing it is the dream of every webmaster. CEO of RTBSape programmatic platform Serhiy Samonin and the head of SEO Intellect Artur Latypov will tell you how to achieve this with the optimal use of resources.

Increasing earnings from media advertising

The amount of advertising revenue depends on many factors, and a webmaster has several ways to influence it. However, you need to realize that this takes time – it is important to test different types and formats of advertising to understand which of them are the most effective for a given site. Let’s consider the main nuances that you should pay attention to if you want advertising to bring more income.

Advertising formats

Each format makes different demands on the quality of your users’ Internet connection. For example, profitable interesting video ads may not be displayed to users in regions with poor connectivity and poor signal quality. Accordingly, it is inappropriate to show it to this part of the audience.

In general, the most effective solution for most sites will be the simultaneous use of the following formats:

  • large banners measuring 970×250;

  • adaptive format or banner size 240×400 or 300×250 in the sidebar;

  • video format of any type placed at the end of the content;

  • a small mobile banner format that follows the user.

Such a set of formats will not annoy users and will ensure increased traffic redemption. Of course, you should track metrics to understand how your audience is responding to the addition of new formats.

Manual pricing

Some ad networks allow you to manually set a minimum purchase price for ad space. This is a very useful option that can help increase your income significantly. You should not trust setting the minimum prices for automation if it is possible to regulate them yourself.

In the event of an increase in the redemption value, the fill rate – the redemption percentage – falls. But the magnitude of the decrease is not directly proportional to the increase in value. Therefore, by adjusting it in manual mode, there is an opportunity to reach the optimal ratio, at which you will get more profit.

Use WebViewer and other tools that allow you to assess where the audience’s attention is focused, in order to evaluate which advertising spaces deserve a higher purchase price. Also, bid slightly higher – about 1.2x – for mobile formats, as advertisers are willing to pay more for them.

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Search engine optimization as a tool to increase traffic

If you plan to attract as much traffic to your site as possible, you should pay attention to SEO. This is a multifaceted and very diverse process, for its success a number of different operations must be carried out.

The most important thing is to work out the semantic core in detail. It includes the audience’s most popular searches on your topic. It is necessary to carefully analyze the demand in order to make the optimal core.

Demand analysis

Search queries allow the optimizer to understand what he needs to focus on in his work and which keywords to place on the site. At the same time, the bulk of all requests are divided into two types:

  • High frequency (HF). Such requests are the most popular, they are short and usually of a general nature. Example: buy a Range Rover.

  • Low frequency (LF). Verbose requests that have a clarifying nature, often such requests are unique or are repeated very rarely. Example: buy a 2020 Range Rover body in Naberezhnye Chuvny.

One of the key features of the semantic core is that the second type of query drives the majority of traffic. One of the ways to compile the semantic core of the site being promoted is to upload the main high-frequency queries to Yandex Wordstat and get a list of the low-frequency queries that are part of them.

Examples of HF and LF requests

Examples of HF and LF requests

In order to reach the widest possible audience, promoting HF queries alone may not be enough, because in this case you are influencing a smaller part of the traffic. As a result of the analysis, you will receive a sample list of requests for which you will need to create separate pages on the site.

Optimal site structure for attracting traffic

After the user’s demand has been studied, and the SEO specialist has drawn up a semantic core, the structure of the site should also be redesigned. The main task at this stage is to prepare a page for each query cluster. There is an unspoken rule: several clusters cannot be promoted on the same page, as this will not be effective.

Such division is necessary if the optimizer wants to give the most complete and accurate answers to the user’s requests, as well as reach the widest possible audience. Of course, just creating pages is not enough – they must be filled with relevant and relevant content that is interesting to this audience. This principle is equally true for commercial and informational sites.

Analysis of competitors

One of the best ways to succeed in SEO is to carefully analyze the sites of your direct competitors, which have advanced to the top of the search results. It is quite easy to find such sites by entering queries from the semantic core to search engines. Those sites that will be on the first pages deserve to be studied and analyzed.

At the same time, you should not consider resources that differ from your topic, since such an analysis will not give much. For example, it makes no sense to compare a commercial site with an information or large aggregator – analyze other commercial sites of a similar format to yours.

You can find elements from competitors that will help improve your own resource. These may be functional tools, controls, or menu features. Be sure to look closely at those that are found in most of the sites that compete with you. To track this with maximum efficiency, enter the information in a separate table.

Also evaluate the submission of information from competitors. It is possible that they are successful because they provide more complete data on user requests and their evidence in favor of ordering goods and services is more convincing. At the same time, their supply of material can be more capacious and profitable. In addition, they can use different methods of engaging the audience: surveys or quizzes. After analyzing this information, you will be able to refine your site to bring it to the level of competitors or even bypass them.

Technical works and mobile version of the site

In order for all internal optimization work to have the desired effect, and for subsequent external optimization to also lead to the desired results, the site must function properly. The optimizer must ensure that there are no errors and that the pages load as quickly as possible.

Also, taking into account the popularity of the mobile Internet and the fact that more and more users access websites from smartphones, it is necessary to allocate enough time to develop the mobile version of the site. This especially applies to resources that are planned to be promoted in Google – in this search engine, a high-quality mobile version is ranked quite high.

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