Apple introduced iOS 16.1, iPadOS 16.1 and macOS Ventura


The company has released updated versions of the OS that can be downloaded to compatible devices. In iPadOS 16.1, the Stage Manager multitasking mode appeared, and Mac owners can use their iPhone as a webcam.

iOS 16.1

  • The Live Activity function has been implemented, which allows you to monitor events on the locked screen of your smartphone in online mode (for example, to see where the courier is going or what the score is in the current match). Developers received a special API to integrate such functionality into their applications.
  • In iCloud, you can create a shared media library and invite 6 users (not just Family Access members) to it, each of whom will be able to upload photos and videos from their device.
  • The Clean Energy Charging eco-charging function has appeared, designed to reduce the iPhone’s carbon footprint. In other words, it will be able to monitor the emissions of the energy infrastructure into the atmosphere and charge the smartphone when they are minimal. As an experiment, it will initially work only in the USA.
  • Other: the Fitness+ service will be able to work without an Apple Watch, the Wallet application can be removed from the smartphone, and the battery received a new icon with a charge with percentages.

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iPadOS 16.1

  • The Stage Manager multitasking mode has appeared, which automatically organizes open programs and windows, allowing you to quickly switch between them. Users will be able to create windows of different sizes that overlap each other: the one where the work is going will be in the center, the others will be located on the left (for iPad Pro 2018 and 2020, as well as devices with M1 and M2 chips).
  • The iMessage service will allow you to edit messages, cancel sending them and mark them as unread, as well as notify you of all the changes that users make during collaboration.

Update in iMessage


  • The general media library of content in iCloud will also be available on Apple tablets.
  • In the Safari browser, support for the Passkeys function has been added, which allows you to log in to sites using Face ID or Touch ID and not enter a login with a password.
  • Other: iPadOS 16.1 features an updated Weather application, support for the Matter standard, and interface scaling (you can choose from two options for displaying icons on the screen).

macOS Ventura

  • The Stage Manager multitasking mode, similar to iPadOS 16.1, also appeared here.
  • In the updated version of the OS, it will be possible to quickly transfer FaceTime calls from Mac to iPhone and iPad and vice versa.
  • Mac owners can use their iPhone as a webcam. At the same time, the main and ultra-wide-angle modules are used: in this way, both the person himself and his desktop will be visible.

Mac owners will be able to use their iPhone as a webcam


  • The mail service implements the function of delayed sending of messages, smart messages and auto-correction during search in the program.
  • Other: it will be possible to share a group of tabs in Safari, Spotlight search has received a new design and functionality. A shared media library of iCloud content will also be available.

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