In the VK Advertising service, tools for promoting sites have appeared


The platform has launched special automation tools for setting up site advertising. As noted in the news, with their help specialists even with little experience in targeting will be able to promote resources quickly and efficiently and receive more targeted actions (purchases, applications or registrations).

You can configure such progress in your personal account on the platform by selecting the “Site advertising” goal. The advertiser has to upload the texts and images, and the service will generate the ad on its own. Automatic bid management and budget optimization at the campaign level are also available in the cabinet. The created announcements will be displayed in all VK projects, including VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and partner networks.

Advertising of sites on the VK service

To launch such advertising more accurately, you need to add the VK Ads pixel to the site page: it will estimate the audience of the resource and its actions on it, and then, based on this depersonalized data, VK algorithms will show ads to those users who are most likely to take the targeted action. Creation instructions are given in the VK Advertising Help.

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