In the Campaign Wizard, payment for conversions with several goals has appeared


In the Yandex Campaign Wizard, it is possible to set payment for conversions with several goals. The changes affect the “Conversions and traffic” and “Product campaign” campaigns. At the same time, advertisers will pay only for achieving results.

Previously, you could only specify one goal when running paid-for-conversion ads. Advertisers will now be able to specify multiple such targets depending on the details of the process.

You can adjust the campaign according to this parameter in the “Target actions” section. And for convenience, the goals were grouped depending on the sources from which customers can come. And they include:

  • Order from the site or from the program.
  • A call
  • Offline actions.
  • Other actions.

But there are many nuances in the process of adding such goals. For example, if an advertiser specifies two consecutive actions, such as “Add to cart” and “Checkout”, and the customer performs both, then the money will be debited for all actions. Therefore, Yandex developers recommend carefully calculating the cost of each of them and including them in the cost of the final order.

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