The best programs for editing videos that are suitable for a beginner video maker


A video maker is a man-orchestra, only in the niche of video editing. He writes scripts and conducts filming, and then edits materials. If you don’t have enough experience, you shouldn’t tackle monsters like Adobe Premiere. It is best to master the less functional but understandable free video editing program from our review.

What program should a beginner choose?


So that the first attempt at work does not discourage the desire to do video, you need a simple editing program. Functions should have names in Russian, and menus should have a logical structure so that the user can understand which tab to expand to find, for example, acceleration or stabilization. The interface may not be too stylish and modern, the main thing is that it looks “clean”, not full of buttons and lists.


If a person is editing a video for the first time, this does not mean that you can give him a crop option and a couple of filters and stop there. The basic set of a video editor must have color correction, the ability to cut fragments, work with sound and titles.


Programs for editing videos for beginners differ from professional software in terms of price. Editors for beginners don’t have to be expensive, even better if they are free. A user without experience can get excited about video editing for a while, and then quit and switch to something else. He should be able to easily “walk away from things” without suffering from shame for the money spent.

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Top 10 best video editing software

Below we look at a program that meets all three conditions. These will be programs for creating videos on PCs and smartphones, so you can choose which device to start your career as a video maker.

Software for a computer

Video editor in Photos

Video editor in Photos

The easiest video editing program already installed on Windows 10 and 11 computers. If you have an earlier version, look for Windows Movie Studio on PC – this is the same tool. With its help, the user can shorten the video or cut out parts, apply filters to the image, add captions, change the playback speed. The program is completely free and is perfect for the first experience.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is also easy to work with – it is Russified and has a clear menu. But it features complex 3D effects, stylish transitions and 200+ templates for quickly creating stylish clips. With the help of this software, users learn to work with chroma and audio editor, try motion tracking, picture-in-picture effect. If you’re making clips with music, try to sync the beat – this mode speeds up scenes at key points, and objects begin to move to the beat of the song.

Filmora bets on design and looks nice itself. Its collection contains 10 billion stock videos and images that can be used in projects. Access to the library is paid separately, but you can test the software for free for a month.

Go to the site: Wondershare Filmora.



The optimal solution for beginners from domestic developers. It costs from 690 rubles, and this is not an annual subscription, but a perpetual license. The application does not need a powerful computer, it will work even on an old laptop with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and XP.

In the menu, the main functionality is divided into blocks: text, images, transitions, effects. These sections are needed to improve and stylize the frame, add titles, subtitles, graphic accents. And color settings, cropping and stabilization are above the timeline. The options in this field are marked with easy-to-read icons.

If you don’t know where to start, try the built-in app builder. It will guide you through the main stages of creating a video and help you get used to it faster. You can save the finished project without loss of quality in any of the popular formats. If you plan to save the clip on your phone, choose the “For Devices” preset.

Go to the site: Video MONTAGE.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor

It is an editor, screen recording software and at the same time a designer for creating presentations. When starting VSDC, you see tiles with the names of the main functions and immediately understand where to go. The video editor window may seem noisy, but the sidebars with lists of options are easy to collapse.

Any videos are suitable for editing – from AVI files and MP4 to flash video in SWF. Next, the video maker adds sound effects to the clip, synchronizes the video and audio, cuts out unnecessary fragments from the scenes, changes or blurs the background. If the picture shakes, it turns on stabilization. With the help of Motion tracking, you can place graphics or text next to a moving character, and then the inscription or picture will “follow” the object.

Go to the site: VSDC



Simple but multifunctional software. Suitable for most operating systems, including mobile. The basic toolkit is free, but if you want to get professional options, buy a perpetual license for $35. VideoPad can then be used for commercial purposes.

The software uses a high-speed processor, thanks to which files are processed and downloaded faster than usual. There are more than 50 tinting effects in the collection – you can use them as is or create unique filter templates for future projects. In addition to ordinary MP4 and AVI, the editor is able to work with “volumetric” video – edit 3D sources or convert 2D to 3D. Use the sound effects library to work with audio, and record from the microphone for sound. The processed clip can be converted to HD or Full HD, immediately uploaded to YouTube or saved on the computer.

Go to the site: VideoPad.

Online editors



Magisto feature is the use of artificial intelligence. You upload fragments of the future clip to the system, choose the editing style and music from the built-in collection, and the robot does the rest. There will be a different approach for romantic stories, travel reports and funny videos.

The Emotion Sense technology at the heart of Magisto finds key moments and analyzes the emotions embedded in them. The system reads the visual and audio narration, virtually views the content and makes adjustments so that the mood in the frame becomes even brighter. If the picture lacks saturation or variety, they will be “pulled up” automatically. The same with sound: a quiet track will become louder, an empty area will be filled with music, and when someone speaks, the background noise will disappear.

The service works online, you can also find it in the AppStore and Google Play stores. By default, the user gets access to a large number of free styles, but to open them all, you need to buy a subscription. A watermark is placed on the final video without payment.

Go to the site: Magisto.



Clipchamp is completely free to use and get beautiful clips without watermarks. Photo and audio files of the service are also freely available, albeit with restrictions.

Work on the platform begins with the selection of a template. You can create a YouTube video, a gameplay video, a holiday clip and many more. They already have stock video clips, subtitles and music added, which you can add your own files, edit or delete. Work can be diluted with a recording from a webcam, a screencast or comments from a microphone. The service also knows how to convert text to speech, so if you don’t want to use your voice, transfer the voice over to Clipchamp.

Go to the site: Clipchamp.



An easy video editing program that can be used both from a computer and from a phone. Videos are added from the device’s internal memory, Google Drive or the Dropbox cloud. The rest is usual: several tracks that can be edited separately – video file, audio, text field. The playback speed can be changed, the volume can also be adjusted, and there are different styles and colors for the text.

Clideo also has a split screen function. You can display several clips at once in one frame to get a picture-in-picture effect. It will come in handy to make a dynamic video about a trip or a party.

Go to the site: Clideo.

Applications for smartphones



The most popular program for video editing on a smartphone. Everything is thought out in it, and any beginner will quickly learn how to correct the color gamut, control the rhythm and overlay animated captions. Here you can even record a voiceover, and then change the voice – make it male, female, childish or robot-like.

Filters include effect selections, styling presets, and a color correction tab. To overlay music, you can use the built-in sound library or extract a song from a phone clip. Before exporting, the video resolution, frame rate and format are adjusted, and the sample file size is calculated.

Download in the app store: App Store or Google Play.



Another multi-platform program for video editing on smartphones, but simpler. It has more ads and less free content. Visual dynamic effects such as money only. Masks also appear in the PRO version to make round videos or a side vignette in the frame. You can also replace the background – mark the removal color with an eyedropper, and the object will be cut out.

The strength of the program can be called filters. They are free and there are more than 70 of them. Each can be adjusted for intensity. The text is superimposed as standard, but the selection of fonts is interesting. There are, for example, trendy serifs in the style of the New York Times or in the form of TikTok inscriptions.

Download in the app store: App Store or Google Play.


  • If you need functional and understandable software for little money, try VideoMONTAJ. It has the entire basic set of tools and professional features like working with chroma.

  • For those who want to go further, understand the plug-ins and learn step-by-step editing of 3D movies, we recommend VideoPad. In it, you can start with basic editing, and with experience move on to more complex things.

  • If you don’t have experience and need very simple programs, use the built-in Windows editor or visit the Magisto website.

  • InShot is suitable for mobile video maker. It is an easy-to-use and powerful smartphone editor with special effects and a wide range of free features.

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