Lenovo showed a laptop and a smartphone with retractable screens


Lenovo introduced the concept of laptops and smartphones with expandable displays. The novelties were presented at Lenovo Tech World 2022, and the development of the smartphone was carried out by the Motorola division, absorbed by the company back in 2014.

The laptop display, originally with a diagonal of 12.7 inches, can expand to 15.3 inches vertically. As a result, it becomes almost square, and thanks to this solution, the screen space increases while maintaining the compactness of the device. When expanding, the image on the screen automatically adapts to the variable size.

As for the smartphone, its screen may increase from 4 to 6.5 inches. To do this, you just need to press a special button on the side panel – it expands and collapses the display. The picture will automatically adapt to changing sizes, just like on a laptop. A clearer effect of expanding and collapsing is presented in a video on Lenovo’s official YouTube channel.

These are only concepts of the devices, and the manufacturer has not announced detailed technical details and the release date. The problems are mainly related to the availability of mass production technology, as well as the risks associated with the failure of devices due to excessive use of this feature.

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