How to remove microphone echo in Discord

An echo when communicating in Discord can appear even in owners of non-budget microphones. Such a defect is often associated with incorrect settings of the device itself in the operating system or communication program. In this article, we will analyze three options, how you can improve the sound of the microphone.

Option 1: Check the microphone settings in Windows

First, you need to deal directly with the device settings in the operating system. You may have set the gain too high or set the volume to maximum. Sometimes this leads to the appearance of a small or even very audible echo. Most often, the sound card driver itself supports an echo canceler, which is activated with one click.

  1. To go to the settings, you will need to find the program “Control panel” through search in “Let go”.Opening the control panel to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  2. In the new window, find the icons in the list “Sound” and double-click on it with the left mouse button to go to the settings.Go to sound settings to eliminate mic echo in Discord

  3. Select the tab “Record” and double-click the microphone to open its settings.Choosing a device to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  4. Now pay attention to the tabs in the window. You will need to choose among them “Levels”to reduce or mute the microphone. If this tab only has a volume control and it’s turned up to 100%, you can try turning it down to see if that helps eliminate the echo.Adjusting the volume and looking for improvements to eliminate mic echo in Discord

If the sound card driver supports additional settings, there should be another name among the tabs “Improvement”. If you have it, select it and look at the list of improvements. Find in it “Echo Suppression”check the box and apply the changes, then start testing the microphone in Discord.

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Option 2: Setting up your microphone in Discord

In Discord itself, you can also find several useful parameters that affect the sound of the microphone. Among them is one setting that allows you to activate the built-in echo canceller.

  1. Start the program and to the right of your nickname, find the button with the image of a gear. Clicking on it redirects you to the section with all options.Go to settings to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  2. In it, select a section “Voice and Video” and immediately look at the microphone volume. You can adjust this slider by moving it slightly to the left to see if that helps to remove the echo.Selecting a section in settings to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  3. The main setting is related to the activation of the voice processing function, which is called – “Echo Suppression”. Activate this option if it is disabled.Enabling a special feature to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  4. Along with this, you can turn off automatic gain control, as it sometimes negatively affects the sound of budget input devices.Disabling auto gain to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  5. The developers offer to choose several options for suppressing background microphone noise. You can change the parameter if the actions you just performed did not allow you to achieve the desired sound.Selecting one of the Discord microphone echo cancellation profiles

Option 3: Using third-party programs

If neither the OS settings nor the sound settings in Discord itself have helped to remove the microphone echo, there is only the last option – the use of software from third-party developers. Such programs run in Windows and run in the background. They often support various settings that allow you to specify the level of echo cancellation and other noise cancellation.

  1. I chose a software called Krisp, whose scripts are used by default in Discord to suppress noise. You can find any other thematic program on the network.Installing a special program to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  2. After installation, Krisp offers to choose one of the templates for automatic configuration in various applications. Some other solutions also have these options, so you can use them to quickly select options under Discord if you have such a profile.Selecting a setting in the program to eliminate microphone echo in Discord

  3. After launching the program, all you have to do is find the settings for the microphone, activate the echo cancellation and adjust the stiffness of the effects application, if such a control is supported.Manually adjusting settings in the program to eliminate microphone echo in Discord


You can try each of the suggested methods one at a time or even combine them to see how different software enhancements will affect the sound of your Discord microphone. If none of the above helped and you don’t want to change the microphone itself, you can buy the cheapest sound card that connects to USB. This often helps to improve the sound.

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