How to collect leads in the regions: analysis of the case live


SEO specialists who promote sites with the help of links have a unique opportunity to demonstrate their link building skills to the community and win valuable prizes at the Sape Case Competition 2022. How to register and which projects are participating, as well as link promotion life hacks can be learn from the live broadcasts of the Sape team with the participation of leading industry experts.

Analysis of the regional project

October 19 at 5:00 p.m on the Sape PRO Telegram channel, Links.Sape product manager Oleksandr Shestakov and Head of SEO Demis Group Vyacheslav Shepelev will analyze one of the cases of registered participants and consider how it can be used to collect traffic and leads from Russia.

On the air we will discuss:

  • how to achieve higher search rankings to;

  • how to correctly identify regional competitors;

  • you can effectively rank in regions where the company does not have contacts.

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How to participate

Many of those who wanted to take part in the competition did not have time to register, so the registration period was extended. Choose the most interesting of your SEO projects and apply to November 6 including, to take part in the competition for the main awards of the competition: the three best works will share a prize fund of 100,000 rubles. The winner will be announced live on November 16.

The Sape team is waiting for you on live broadcasts with experts and invites everyone who wants to earn on their SEO skills by participating in the Sape Case Competition 2022.

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