“Personal space” mode appeared on VKontakte


VKontakte developers have introduced a new “Personal Space” mode. This is a special set that will allow users to limit the circle of communication for a certain time. Thus, they will be able to exclude unwanted interlocutors from the chat and take a break from unnecessary attention.

This function is aimed at protecting a person’s personal space, as well as countering bullying and creating a comfortable, friendly environment for communication. To activate it, you will need to go to privacy settings, there will be a special button of the same name. The mode is automatically deactivated seven days after activation, the user can reactivate it in the settings if necessary.

“Personal space” works to change privacy settings. For example, only friends will be able to write and call, and only friends of friends will be able to send friend requests. In addition, only friended users will be able to tag a person in photos or add to chats, and the profile will become closed.

As reported in the VK press release, people who leave complaints about offensive content from detractors will automatically receive a message about the possibility of connecting this function. After its activation, they will also be shown in the feed special thematic materials and recommendations for improving mental health.

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