Roskomnadzor identified 7 companies that acquired the status of ORD

The department’s website contains a list of Russian companies that have acquired the status of an advertising data operator (ADO). Through them, other organizations will be able to transfer information about advertising to the Unified Register of Internet Advertising (ERIR).

All this is done to comply with the requirements of the law “On advertising”, which came into force in September of this year. As you know, now all advertising placed on the network must be labeled, and information about it must be sent to ERIR. Advertising data operators have been identified to assist in this process. The register of ORD includes:

  • Yandex Advertising Data Operator (Yandex);
  • Development Laboratory (Sber);
  • VK Advertising Technologies (VK);
  • OZON ORD (Ozon);
  • First ORD (Vimpelcom);
  • Media Scout (MTS);
  • ORD-A (Amberdata).

Participants of the advertising market will be able to cooperate with one or more ORDs. Any Russian legal entity with a registered capital of at least 200 million rubles, software for advertising accounting and confirmation from advertising market participants (with a total annual volume of services of 2.5 billion rubles) can apply for entry into the register of such companies. by this organization.

The process of setting up a new format for placing advertisements on the Internet will last until March 2023, and no fines from the RKN are foreseen for this period.

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