How to increase the advertising income of the site: we increase the CTR


There are a number of indicators of your site, the increase of which can qualitatively affect the growth of income from media advertising. One of them is CTR – the ratio of clicks on advertising banners and videos to their impressions.

It’s important to understand that even if you monetize your site on a CPM model – where you’re paid only for ad impressions – the networks and advertisers themselves still track how often users click on them. Therefore, the number of clicks also matters. It is important for any company that potential buyers of goods and services not only look at the creative, but also go to the site.

Advertisers calculate the average CTR of all advertising places of each resource they are interested in, and when buying traffic, they give preference to those with a higher value. If this indicator on your site is lower than 0.1%, then with a high probability the potential earnings will go to competitors.

If you want to get more profit from advertising, you should work on increasing CTR. You can find out the value of this parameter in the personal account of an advertising platform, for example RTBSape.

How to increase CTR

The average CTR of your site consists of the ratio of clicks to impressions of each individual ad unit. So, by increasing the number of clicks on them, you will also increase the overall parameter.

This can be done in the following ways:

  1. Place ad units in the visible part of the screen, for example above or below the main content. You can also track which places on the pages focus users’ attention and try to place blocks there.

  2. Give preference to large advertising formats. The creative in such a block is not only more visible, but also has a large click area.

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Work on the profitability of advertising

By increasing the site’s CTR, you can significantly improve traffic buyback from advertisers. This is especially important now, as their activity increases in the fall, and additional funds are allocated for advertising.

In addition, maybe additionally increase income by 20% by using the promo code “PLUS20» in RTBSape’s personal account. The webmaster only needs:

  1. Add a new resource to the platform by the end of October.

  2. Enter promo code «PLUS20“.

  3. Start showing ads and the money earned for November will increase by 20%.

This offer is valid for returning RTBSape users as well as new ones. At the same time, it does not matter whether the webmaster works with the platform code directly or it is used as an external header bidding monetizer in the AdFox system.

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