EcoDataCenter uses heat from data centers to heat fish farms and greenhouses


The company EcoDataCenter presented a new eco-project developed together with WA3RM. According to it, residual heat from data centers is planned to be used to heat fish farms and greenhouses in Sweden. Previously, similar developments were already implemented in Norway (Green Mountain) and Japan (White Data Center).

Creators from WA3RM argue that data centers have a huge potential for biosystems that is not being fully exploited today. In addition, previously implemented projects differ in their small scale, while the current program is aimed at large-scale production.

EcoDataCenter and WA3RM project to supply heat to farms

Image source: EcoDataCenter press release

As a result, the companies intend to create a new standard for the construction of next-generation data centers. Such that their excess heat can be effectively used in circular systems for the production of food products, and on an industrial scale. In addition, these developments are becoming especially relevant in view of the growing energy crisis in a number of European countries, writes Servernews.

The excessive heat of the data center can be used in various ways. For example, there is a project by Microsoft and Fortum, within the framework of which the waste heat will be directed to heat residential buildings and offices in Helsinki. And in Japan, excess data center heat is used for a farm that breeds eels.

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