The JetBrains team has released the Fleet IDE into early public access


The app can now be installed by all users, not just Fleet Explorer members. The Community has a sneak peek of the beta-tested Fleet editor.

Fleet is now open to the public and for now is freely distributed. It’s a lightweight code editor that lets you make quick code edits or do full-scale development.

At the heart of Fleet is the code analysis engine based on IntelliJ (autocomplete code taking into account the context and content of the project, navigation and code quality control) and a distributed architecture model (the editor supports various configurations and workflows).

    editor Fleet

Functionality for joint work of teams on projects, as well as support for many languages, including Python, Java, C#, PHP, Go, Kotlin and others.

So far, JetBrains has not said how much it will cost to license Fleet for commercial use after the editor exits early public access. It is specified only that the subscription price will correspond to the value of the product.

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