How to create a chain of letters that will bring back the buyer


According to Statista, in 2021, only 30% of users completed their purchases in online stores. The rest threw the baskets without paying them. The situation is not pleasant, and everyone who sells goods through a personal website faces it.

But not everything is so bad – to solve the problem, you can create a chain of letters that will bring back lost customers. What to emphasize in it and how to achieve its effectiveness – we will tell you in today’s article.

Why do shopping carts remain abandoned?

One of the most common reasons is to compare prices. Users come to online stores to see how much similar products cost. They add them to the cart on several sites and compare prices. As a result, an abandoned basket remains on one of the sites, or maybe on both – the client could simply change his mind about buying the product.

Other reasons are a complicated purchase process or technical problems, for example, when some functionality on the site breaks and it is impossible to pay for the purchase. Sometimes it is related to delivery – the user put the goods in the cart, but then saw that the delivery is paid or too long, as a result of which he changed his mind about the purchase.

Here are the detailed statistics from baymard, which were generated based on 1,800 users surveyed in the US:

Why users give up ordering statistics

What is bad about such statistics? At first glance, it may seem that there is nothing wrong with abandoned baskets, because goods are bought anyway. This is correct, but let’s consider one situation as an example. So, 500 users come to the site every day and each of them puts products in the cart. At the same time, only 30% complete purchases – that’s 150 people. If the average check = 2,000 rubles, the result is 300,000 rubles. per day Now imagine if your basket was made not by 30%, but, let’s say, by 70% – that’s 350 people who can bring in 700,000 rubles. The difference is huge, and there is only one problem – the abandoned basket.

In order to return some customers, we can use an email newsletter that will encourage users to complete purchases in the cart. Let’s consider how it can be done.


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How to return the buyer through mailing

It is best to launch a return mailing in the form of a series of letters. With its help, you will be able to offer the most favorable conditions, provide more information, and also increase the probability that the letter about the abandoned cart will be noticed.

Let’s analyze each of the letters and see what they should contain.

Letter 1: Reminder

This letter should remind the user that he forgot to place an order. It is best to send it as soon as the user leaves the site. Perhaps he was simply distracted and forgot about the purchase, and then he receives your letter – the customer returns to the cart and completes the order.

The information in such a letter should be strictly directed to the products that were left in the cart. Don’t offer something additional or similar, that’s what another part of the mailing is dedicated to. The main thing is to remind about forgotten goods.

Here’s how it can be formatted:

An example of a mailing that will return the buyer

Please also note that the email above indicates to the user that the discount is valid for a limited time. This technique is called urgency, which always works well and can bribe customers.

Letter 2: Change of conditions

Many users often abandon purchases because they have to pay for the delivery of goods. With the help of the second letter in the series, you can offer to place an order with free shipping. If your store does not provide such changes, then provide the customer with similar products at a lower price, which will be equivalent to the products in the cart, but with delivery already included.

It is best to send such emails 1-2 days after the cart has been abandoned. At the same time, pay attention to the first email: if it has already worked, then it is not necessary to send the second one – the client has already bought the product, but is most likely not yet ready for new purchases.

The letter itself can look like this:

What letter to send to the subscriber if he forgot to complete the order

In this case, M.Video reminds the user of unfinished purchases, and below offers similar products that may interest him. Along with this, attractive advantages are noted – 30 days of exchange and return, accrual of bonuses and a discount when paying by card. Such points are often overlooked, but here they look quite noticeable.

Letter 3: Discount offer

The last letter in the series is most often sent in extreme cases: when the user does not react to previous offers. To convince him, you can make the purchase conditions even more optimistic. To do this, give a good discount on the product or add more points to the savings account.

This situation is more costly for you, but in this case there is a possibility that the client will return to you. In addition, there is a certain probability that he will order something else, but already at the standard price, and will become a regular customer in the future. Try to send such a letter only after you understand that the previous ones did not make any impression.

Example of design:

What to write in a letter to return the buyer

How to make mailing better

So that your letters do not remain in the basket as goods, you should also take care of their filling and design. Here are some tips to make your letter series better:

  • Pay special attention to the content. Grab the customer’s attention with an original headline and content: add images, prices and product specifications. So you can support the buyer’s interest and encourage him to return to shopping.
  • Don’t send too many emails. If you have finished a series of letters and have not received a reaction, then most likely the user has already completely left you. Returning it with the help of a mailing will not work, but will only create additional problems – customers will start adding you to the black list, and the trust rating will drop.
  • Conduct surveys. They will help you in cases where the number of abandoned baskets will increase. With the help of surveys, you will learn why this happens and how to work with it further.
  • Test it. Try different variations of letters to understand the needs of buyers. Thanks to this, you will be able to set up a more effective chain of letters.


The problem of abandoned shopping carts will remain with us, probably forever – visitors and technical problems will contribute to the solution. If you can deal with the second, then you need to work regularly with the first. Chain letters, which can bring back the buyer, help us in this. Try to monitor their quality and analyze user actions – then trust in you will increase, and the percentage of abandoned carts will be reduced to a minimum.

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