FAS accused Megafon and MTS of sharply increasing prices for communication services


The other day FAS initiated a case against the mobile operator Megafon due to unjustified price increases for tariffs. A little earlier, due to a similar reason, MTS was also found guilty of violating antimonopoly legislation.

MTS was the first to come under the inspection of the department, which earlier this year already increased the cost of part of the tariff plans. The last time it happened was in August, when prices were raised by 8.4%. This time, in September and October, the operator again raised tariffs by an average of 9.7%. In general, the increase in the cost of communication services this year was more than 20%, while the consumer price index at the end of August was only 10.5%.

On October 12, the agency concluded that the tariff increase was not justified technologically, economically, or for any other reason. While the order was issued to the mobile operator on the need to reduce prices to an economically reasonable level, the amount of the fine for the violation will be determined later.

The next day, October 13, Megafon came under inspection, which recorded an increase in the cost of the subscription fee by an average of 12%. The department also started an examination to establish the reasons for the economic validity of the increase. According to the results, it was stated that the company’s expenses do not correspond to the growth of income from the increase in the cost of tariffs for communication services.

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