VK Play: 55% of Russians cope with stress with the help of video games


And best of all, strategies, simulators and puzzles help here. These data come from a survey of the VK Play platform, which found out from Russian users how games affect the socialization of gamers.

1,200 respondents over the age of 18 across Russia took part in the survey. Here are some takeaways from VK Play:

  • More than half of the respondents – 55% – look for a way to distract themselves and cope with stress through games.
  • At the same time, almost 25% of respondents like to compete with other players, 16% – develop their imagination through games, and 10% – find friends.
  • Strategy (27%), puzzles (21%) and simulations (20%) are the best distractions.
  • A third of Russian users consider games to be an integral part of social life. For example, 30% feel part of a team, and 17% can show their leadership qualities in games.
  • Other skills that can be developed through games include critical thinking (47%), improved coordination and motor skills (43%), and communication (23%).

Earlier, the VK Play team also revealed what was the most popular childhood game among Russians. It was Grand Theft Auto, which scored 25%, followed by Call of Duty (16%), Mortal Kombat (14%), Need for Speed ​​​​(14%) and “How to get a neighbor” (14%).

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