Superjob launches real estate rental service


The main goal of such an initiative is to offer people options based on the data that the company has: the location of the employer’s office, the amount of salary, family status and others. This is reported by RBC.

Both employers who want to find commercial premises for rent and applicants who want to rent an apartment close to work will be able to post an ad in the service. In addition, there will be announcements from Superjob partners, real estate agencies that recruit staff on this recruiting portal. Ads will be placed on the platform with payment for leads – according to the same model as the main service.

Superjob launches real estate rental service

As Oleksiy Zakharov, co-owner and president of the Superjob company, notes, in the near future it is planned to integrate ads for work with real estate ads. Superjob plans to promote the new service first among existing customers.

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