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Newbie optimizers tend to underestimate the role of analyzing competing sites, but link promotion is not just about buying various links. Ever since the first penalty algorithms appeared in Google and Yandex, link building has become much more complicated. However, it is still one of the most effective methods of promoting sites and works well in conjunction with other tools.

However, simply buying any possible links by dozens and hundreds as before is not enough anymore – moreover, such mindless sudden growth can be perceived by search engines as manipulation. The result is sanctions, loss of positions, traffic and income.

Although link building has been practiced and studied for a long time, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will work equally well for promoting any site. However, there are solutions to help the optimizer develop their approach. Here we are talking about the analysis of competitor sites that occupy higher positions in search results.

How to quickly analyze competitors and calculate the number of links your site needs?

Step 1. We collect competitors

The easiest way to make a list is to enter the queries you are interested in into the search engine and collect data from the top 10. You can use special services, for example, Ahrefs or MegaIndex. A certain difficulty at this stage is the unavailability of a number of tools – the same Ahrefs – for Russian users. Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of analogues in the network.

Importantly: Choose sites of companies that are similar to you in terms of size and range. If you promote a small online store or a local small business – study the same sites. Do not look at the mask of aggregators (Ozon, Wildberries and others) and large online stores (for example, Eldorado). They will reduce the accuracy of the analysis, and you will not receive valuable information.

Step 2. We analyze the number of donors and links

How many platforms are used by competitors, which links are purchased, their shares in the total mass of links, which pages are strengthened by them – the Majestic SEO service or its analogues will help you find this information.

We consider all types of links, the number of unique donor sites and the total number of links. Their average value will be decisive in the strategy.

Step 3. We make a plan and act

Focus on the numbers obtained in the previous step and start working. Remember that a diverse link profile is considered optimal for promotion. This is in line with how sites grow and evolve naturally. Therefore, search engines will not suspect you of manipulation when the site began to grow with various types of links:

  • Rental links – The most profitable. The price starts from 1 ruble per month. Even a small budget can be spent on improving your link building strategy.

  • Article links – The basis of promotion. They are embedded in an article that you write yourself or order from various services, and are placed on the desired site.

  • Submissions and crowd-sourced links – where to indicate the link to the company’s website, if not in the profile of this company or its employee? Buying submit links is a kind of safety cushion for your link strategy. This is especially valuable for young sites.

There are many different tools to help you create a suitable profile profile. For example, you can try the “Favorites” functionality in Links.Sape: download a list of competitor donor pages and get permanent access to buy links from the same sites.

At the same time, do not rush to dramatically increase the mass of links. It is better to do it gradually, and the automatic mode function “Smooth purchase of links” in the service will help you save time on routine work. All you need to do is set the desired quantity, budget and run frequency for each individual URL. Success in link building depends on constant experimentation, don’t be afraid to use new strategies and services for effective promotion.

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