The last stage of testing the Internet advertising marking system will be completed soon


The last stage of testing the Internet advertising marking system is coming to an end. Until now, Roskomnadzor has accepted applications from candidates for advertising data operators (ADOs) and plans to announce those who will officially acquire this status in the next few days. Participants of the advertising market managed to highlight a number of problems they encountered when submitting information to the Unified Register of Internet Advertising (ERIR).

Roskomnadzor planned to complete the testing of the new system in two stages. The first started in September, during which the participants got access to offices in ERIR, then started registering creatives and contracts with operators. After them, creatives will be given special identifiers, called tokens.

The second stage is expected to be completed in October, at which time all participants must present to each other the closing acts for the previous month and register them. At the same time, the operators of advertising systems and the Internet site will submit aggregated data on the number and cost of advertising impressions to ERIR.

As for the problems that advertising market participants encountered when submitting applications to ERIR, they mainly consist of the following:

  • Absence of some advertising formats. This creates difficulties with the registration of creatives in blogs, external storage systems and voluminous videos. SearchEngines writes that difficulties arose with some SEO formats, dynamic remarketing creatives, feeds and stories in the VKontakte social network.
  • Data cannot be edited. The marking system does not allow you to correct previously submitted information, because it simply does not provide a correction function when typographical errors are detected in creatives. In addition, due to the limitation on the size of one file up to 100 MB, it is not always possible to enter complete information.
  • Difficulties with advertising on own resources. This is due to the lack of specific wording, incomplete information about the responsibility of the participants in the process, and the same list of formats.

Despite this, experts believe that the situation with the implementation of the marking system “started to clear up”, and in the next couple of months the process will probably stabilize.

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