Roskomnadzor regularly updates the list of blocked VPN services


Previously, there were reports on the network about the possible ban of a number of popular VPN services, including Cyberhost VPN, McAfee VPN and Zenmate VPN. In response to this, Roskomnadzor announced a regular update of the list of blocked VPNs that allow access to resources limited in the Russian Federation.

According to Telegram channels, Cyberhost VPN, Mcafee VPN, Quark VPN, Ultrasurf VPNm, VPN Super Unlimited Proxy, Zenmate VPN, VPN Russia – Unblock Proxy, VPN HUB and others may fall under the restrictions.

The agency reminds that according to the law “On Communication”, the means of bypassing the blocking of illegal content are recognized as a threat. Due to their use, access to prohibited information and resources is preserved, and conditions for illegal activities are created accordingly.

Among other things, on October 11, Rosfinmonitoring added Meta Platforms Inc (the company is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and banned) to the list of extremists and terrorists. At the same time, the chairman of the Radfed committee Andriy Klishas explained that this decision also does not affect the use of Russian social networks of the corporation due to the lack of changes in the legal framework.

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