In Google Docs, the integration of third-party services will appear, and Meet – speech-to-text translation


The company introduced a number of updates in the Google Workspace space. Third-party developers will get access to Google Docs and will be able to integrate their services into it, and Google Meet will learn to automatically translate the language that sounds during video meetings, text and save it in Documents.

As 3DNews writes, the new function of Smart Chips will be responsible for the integration of other applications into the Google service. For this, the company released an API, and with it, developers such as Atlassian, Miro and Figma will be able to connect their applications with Google Docs. The user needs to enter the name of the file or service through the @ symbol to view or edit them immediately in Google Docs.

The updates affected the Google Meet video communication service. First, the company also provides wider access to this platform: developers will be able to implement their Meet technologies. For example, users will be able to work together on a project created in Figma directly during a video call in the same window.


Working in Figma during a Google Meet call. Image:

Secondly, Google Meet has an option to auto-decode calls – from speech to text. Transcripts are stored in Google Docs after the call ends. Initially, the feature will only work in English, other languages ​​will be added later.

Third, a number of other updates have been announced that will be available throughout this year and next. For example, the speaker’s video can be placed directly in the slides of his presentation, support for adaptive framing using Huddly and Logitech cameras is also announced.

You can read more about these and other changes to Google Workspace on the company’s blog.

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