YouTube now has the option of choosing a unique nickname


Google has announced the launch of a feature to choose nicknames for content authors on YouTube. This feature is being rolled out to users gradually. For those who do not choose a nickname by November 14, YouTube will assign one automatically.

Aliases are short unique channel identifiers. At the same time, they do not necessarily have to match their names. The alias will start with the @ symbol and look something like the screenshot below:

How YouTube aliases will work

With their help, viewers will be able to find both channels and other users faster. These names will also be used when mentioning the channel in comments, short videos, when indicating external links, and even when promoting your own content outside the platform.

Aliases will be assigned to each channel while this feature is rolled out. Those who do not have this option will receive an email or a message in the YouTube creative studio. If the user has their own URL, they can be used as an alias.

You can find out or change your nickname on the corresponding page. The choice should be made by November 14, 2022, after which the platform will start assigning them automatically. In the future, if desired, the nickname can be changed to another free combination.

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