The Ministry of Digitization has approved a new list of activities in the IT sphere


On October 10, the Government published an order “On the list of activities in the field of information technologies.” This document defines the specifics of the work with which IT companies can enter the accredited register and claim benefits.

The Ministry of Digital has identified 36 types of activities in the IT sphere. In particular, in addition to the development of software and databases, training and support for the operation of neural networks, the development of the Internet of Things, the provision of consulting services in robotics and sensors, the creation of video games and electronic simulators, as well as music streaming and various services (taxi, food ordering, car sharing) are indicated. In addition, the authorities have approved a minimum share of revenue from IT activities – it should be 30%. If the indicator is lower, the company will not be able to enter the register.

As Kommersant notes, inclusion in the register will allow the company to count on a number of benefits, including zeroing of income tax until 2024, loans at 3% and postponement of military conscription for workers under 27 years of age. Reservation from partial mobilization is also available, but the employee must have a higher specialized education from a special list.

The form for submitting an application for accreditation according to the new rules has already started working at State Services.

Earlier, the Government approved a new accreditation procedure for IT companies. It proposed two options so that not only large but also small IT companies could go through this process.

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