2 ways you can watch movies together on Discord


Discord is most often used as a program for group communication, correspondence in text channels, or showing a stream. Some users want to organize Discord movie sharing as well, but don’t know how to do it. I propose to deal with this task and show two available methods that you can try.

Watch movies together via Discord screencast

You probably know that in Discord you can not only call a friend, but also connect to various voice channels on the servers. Some of them support video output, meaning that users can communicate with each other through webcams or show the screen. It is the last feature available in streaming mode that interests us.

Sharing movies through the built-in tool is quite easy to organize, but there are a few things you need to do first.

  1. First, open the sound control panel in the operating system and make sure that the correct device is used for playback, that is, you can hear sounds through headphones or speakers. Here it is better to remember the name of the device, which is set in the default mode.Operating system sound check for sharing Discord movies

  2. Next, open the settings in Discord, go to the section “Voice and Video” and make sure that the output device is set to the same as the operating system. By the way, in this window, you can adjust the sound volume separately, if you need it while watching movies together.Sound check in Discord movie sharing app

  3. Open a separate window in the browser or start the player through which you will watch movies.Opening a window with a player for sharing movies in Discord

  4. All that remains is to connect to the voice channel where you will start the stream, or call several friends to watch movies together.Joining a channel to watch movies on Discord

You now have a movie window open, volume controls set up, and a conversation selected where the screencast will take place. All that remains is to start the stream itself:

  1. After connecting to a channel or creating a private conversation, click the button “Screen”.Stream button for sharing movies on Discord

  2. After a second, a small menu with a window for demonstration will appear on the screen. You will need to specify the browser or player where the required movie viewing is already open.Selecting a demo window for sharing movies on Discord

  3. Next, you need to set the resolution and frame rate for video transmission. Then press “Live”.Setting up throttling for sharing movies on Discord

  4. You will see that the broadcast has started successfully. Now all users who are connected to it will see the movie. Control its volume and playback as needed.Successful launch of Discord movie sharing stream

You can choose to show the entire screen instead of showing a single window, but keep in mind that viewers will see the switch between windows. This forces you to keep the tab with the movie open all the time and not be distracted by reading messages or doing other things.

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Watch movies together on Discord via third-party online services

Let’s consider another option, with which you can organize a joint viewing of movies on Discord. This will require other online services. With them, you can create a separate room to which several users can connect.

  1. Open any similar site, I chose NotAlone. Press the button “Create a room”.Create a room on a site to watch movies together in Discord

  2. After entering the room, use the built-in search to select the movie you want to watch.Choosing a movie on a Discord movie sharing site

  3. You can add several movies to one playlist so that they play one after the other.Creating a playlist on the site for watching movies together in Discord

  4. Open the settings and decide whether to make the room public, which moderation option to choose, and whether a password is required to enter.Additional settings on the site for watching movies together in Discord

  5. Now use the built-in player to play the movie in the room.Start playback on a Discord movie sharing site

  6. If everything has started, then you can invite other users from Discord. To do this, copy the link to the room from the address bar.Copying a link to a Discord movie sharing room

  7. Send it as a private message to friends or server members. Anyone can follow this link and join the shared viewing. In parallel, calls can be made through voice channels or private conversations to discuss what is happening on the screen.Sharing a link to a movie sharing room on Discord

Choose the method that suits you, organize joint viewings of movies in Discord and do not forget that on your servers you can create separate rooms in which the viewing will take place. This will avoid flooding the public channels and unload them if there are many people on the server.

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