The Conversion Center appeared in Direct

The platform introduced a new tool for working with online and offline conversions in one window. Its purpose is to increase the effectiveness of advertising placement, because the partner will receive more information and will be able to see the picture as a whole.

The Yandex Direct blog says that the Conversion Center will be useful if the user wants to track statistics on all conversions or collect data on final offline conversions (for example, payment for a purchase in a store or successful calls that led to payment).

The possibilities of the Conversion Center include:

  • Downloading all conversions at once: Data is available for each stage of the sales funnel and from all traffic sources. To do this, you need to create a file with conversions, upload it to the source and specify the link.

Downloading all conversions at once

  • Download status: There are messages that tell you when the download was not successful and will prompt you with repair options.
  • Statistics for all conversions: if you add data on targeted actions from Metrics to the new tool, all conversions brought by advertising in Direct will be shown in one window.

You can learn more about the Conversion Center in Yandex Help.

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