Electric scooters have been recognized as means of individual mobility


The Government of the Russian Federation has approved a number of changes in road traffic rules. The amendments concern the status of electric scooters and gyroscooters, as well as new road signs and parking lots.

According to the changes, electric scooters, as well as gyroscooters, segways and unicycles are recognized as means of individual mobility. Thanks to this innovation, the maximum speed of their movement is limited to 25 km/h. Moreover, the weight of the device itself must exceed 35 kg.

Trips by means of individual mobility will be regulated by new road signs. With their help, they plan to allow, prohibit and limit the movement of such devices in certain places. The decision on their placement will be approved by the local authorities, depending on the road infrastructure.

According to the authorities, when traveling together, pedestrians will have priority, and drivers of individual mobility devices should calculate speed based on this priority. In general, movement on electric scooters of any weight will be carried out on the right side of the carriageway. At the same time, they must have a braking system, as well as white and red headlights.

Exceptions to the new status apply to regular scooters and roller skates. Users of these facilities are equated to pedestrians.

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