55% of Russian online shoppers look for information about products before buying


The Ashmanov and Partners company conducted a survey, the purpose of which was to identify the role of search engines in relation to goods before online purchase. The sample consisted of 1,000 people, all of them residents of cities with millions. The study was conducted with the Tiburon Research platform in mind.

Next, we list the main conclusions reached by the researchers:

  • 55% of online buyers in Russia look for information about products on the Internet before each purchase, and 41% do it sometimes.
  • Products are searched 1.7 times more often in Yandex than in Google. At the same time, 54% of respondents use only Yandex, 22% – only Google, and another 22% – both search engines.
  • 23% use search engines to find discounts, 20% to research products, and 18% to compare.
  • Users trust search ads less than organic ads. Only 38% of respondents read the ads, including 10% who only pay attention to the ads. Most pay attention exclusively to organic results.
  • 36% of respondents are more likely to click on a site where they have previously bought something than on a site that offers discounts and promotions. 13% prefer official brand resources, 11% pay attention to a high rating, and 8% are interested in the lowest prices.
  • Yandex is used more by the audience over 30 years old, and Google by young people (from 18 to 30 years old). It also turned out that more “advanced” and motivated users prefer both search engines to expand the range of available options.

The chart below provides detailed results on search engine selection factors by gender, age, and income. It turned out that the presence of a search engine in a computer or smartphone by default, as well as the quality of the search, were the most important factors.

What factors influence the choice of a search engine for searching for goods

As a conclusion, the company advises to emphasize in advertising not low prices, but the availability of discounts and promotions. Researchers also recommend declaring product specialization and availability in a certain region. You can learn more about the study at this link.

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