A new QR’ME social network has appeared in Russia


At the heart of QR’ME lies in the use of QR codes: the user will be able to assign a code to his page, any photo, post or event and share it with others. The announcement was reported by Interfax.

The QR’ME social network has all the usual functionality for such platforms. It is possible to publish photo and video content, post stories, announce events and communicate in the internal messenger. According to the developers, the main task of QR’ME is to create a “bridge between the real world and the virtual world”. That is, users should be able to quickly and conveniently switch from the offline format to the online format and back, for this the option with QR codes was chosen. This will be especially relevant for the organizers and participants of various events.

Other possibilities include:

  • auto-marking of content;
  • privacy settings;
  • internal photo and video editor;
  • recommendation algorithm for selecting posts for the benefit of the user.

The QR'ME social network has all the usual functionality for such platforms

Image: kuarmi.rf

Currently, the social network is available only in Russian (an English translation is planned), it can be downloaded in the Google and Apple application stores, as well as in RuStore. A toolkit for business accounts and content monetization capabilities are also planned in the future.

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