This year, 150,000 Russian users encountered styler Trojans

According to statistics from Kaspersky Lab, for January-September 2022, almost 150,000 activations of protective solutions against this type of pests were recorded in Russia.

Styler Trojans “engage” in stealing logins and passwords from accounts in various services. These can be banking applications, social networks and messengers, game accounts and data stored in browsers. To do this, viruses look for sensitive information in system files or the registry, and then send what they find to the attackers.

One of the most popular malware is RedLine, which steals information from browsers and desktop messengers. For example, since the beginning of the year, more than 8 thousand users encountered it, and it received data from Telegram accounts, VPN services, Discord and crypto wallets. This styler is also capable of launching third-party programs, executing individual commands in the OS, and opening links in browsers.

As Oleg Kupreev, an expert in cyber security of Kaspersky Lab, points out, styler Trojans are still relevant among criminals, and users, especially owners of large channels in messengers and social networks and bloggers, need to be very careful, because this feature is not needed. Sometimes viruses come simply in the guise of an advertisement or an attachment. For protection, you should use two-factor authentication and regularly check the list of active sessions. And, of course, use security software.

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