CSA released Matter 1.0 universal smart home standard


Connectivity Standards Alliance presented Matter 1.0 – a single standard for smart home devices from different manufacturers. Its development was carried out since the end of 2019, 280 companies such as Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Samsung SmartThings, etc. participated in the process. Thanks to this technology, users will be able to combine several smart devices into one ecosystem without using third-party platforms in the spirit of Google Home or Home Assistant.

In the newly developed CSA standard, devices from several hundred manufacturers are supported, in particular. Yandex and SberDevice. Also, the list of partners will be constantly expanding. Companies and developers of home-made equipment will be able to produce Matter-compatible devices with the help of a certification program. an example implementation is published on GitHub.

The technology supports connections using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and Thread, also uses Bluetooth Low Energy and supports interaction with voice assistants Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. The security system and protection of user information was developed separately. At the same time, the standard does not support work with smart cameras, robot vacuum cleaners and household appliances, but it is planned to be implemented in the future.

On Habre, they write that now Matter 1.0 already supports devices produced by companies that are part of the CSA. In particular, Google will introduce new smart home accessories from the Nest line the next day that will support this technology.

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