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Buying goods or services on the Internet is a common thing for many users, so this is where you should look for customers. In order for the result to be effective, it is not necessary to spend millions on advertising – a lot can be solved with the help of web marketing tools.

In this article, we will consider the best options for these tools and analyze how to promote business on the Internet with their help.

What is web marketing?

Web marketing or Internet marketing are certain actions aimed at promoting goods or services on the Internet. Their main goal is to find customers and increase business profits.

Here are some points that differentiate web marketing from regular marketing:

  • Interactivity. Through the Internet, you can easily interact with your target audience, identify their needs, and as a result, understand how to make the product better.
  • Targeting. You can divide the audience and get a target audience, and then send it to advertising. Thus, only those users who are really interested in your product will see the ad.
  • Web analytics With the help of various analysis services, you can understand which user actions were the most effective. Therefore, it is easier to organize effective sales.

Sales growth in web marketing is built with user engagement in mind. But this will not be enough, it is necessary to make them customers, and even better – regular customers. How to achieve all this with the help of tools for web marketing, we will consider further.

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Top 10 tools for web marketing

To work with web marketing, you can find many different tools – there are hundreds of them. We will not consider all of them, but only those that are most popular and effective.

Landing or corporate site

The first thing a business should have is a website. Now everyone uses search and looks for the necessary information there. Let’s say that I needed a cleaning service in Moscow, and first of all, like most of us, I will go to the search engine with a request.Cleaning in Moscow” or “Cleaning in Moscow is cheap and fast“. As a result, there are many sites, one of which may be yours.

Which site to choose?

It all depends on the business and goals. For example, if you offer one or more services, it is better to tell about it on the landing page. This is a one-page site that allows you to describe a product or service in detail. Its task is to convince the user to take a targeted action, for example, to order a delivery or simply leave an application.

You can create a landing page in the shortest possible time and even independently with the help of site builders, for example, Craftum. In it, you can assemble a site in 30 minutes using ready-made blocks or a little longer using design blocks that allow you to create a unique design.

Landing will not suit you if you need to tell in detail about the company’s activities and demonstrate its full arsenal. For such tasks, it is better to use a multi-page site or an online store.

Web analytics

Web analytics is the right way to go after creating a site. It will allow you to add the site to the search engine and understand its weaknesses. With the help of analytics, you can collect and analyze information about visitors and their actions. This will help to learn more about the target audience – what their needs are, what they want and so on.

Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica

To add your site to the search engine and start receiving customers from it, you need to register in Yandex Metrics or Google Analytics. The first service will allow you to display the site in Yandex and receive information both for this search engine and for others. The second service is similar to Metrica, but only works for Google.

contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a continuation of web analytics. It allows you to create ads that are displayed according to the context of the page – in response to user queries in search engines or on thematic sites. Yandex Direct is used to run ads. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to use advertising in Google on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Using advertising in Yandex, you can solve a number of tasks:

  • Getting traffic to your new site is one of the fastest ways to get the word out about your product online.
  • Product Demand Testing – Running an ad will help you quickly understand if your product or service is really good.
  • Increasing traffic in niches with high competition, where it is difficult to occupy high positions in organic output.

This is a very effective approach in attracting customers, but in order to achieve good results, it is necessary to understand how contextual advertising works and to be able to deal with Yandex Direct as “you”.

Targeted advertising in social networks

Although the most popular social network for business has gone out of circulation, there are still sources where you can find customers – VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. They allow you to place three types of advertising: community advertising, targeting and retargeting.

These platforms are best used in the following cases:

  • to increase sales in the online store;
  • to promote groups in social networks;
  • to attract new webinar participants.

The reach of the audience will be large, but there are also some disadvantages – these are bots and the fact that the advertisement can be shown several times to the same person. At the same time, the costs of advertising will not be so great, since it is aimed at those who need it.


A blog is an additional source of traffic that can be placed both on the site and on additional resources – Spark, Medium, Habr and others.

spark.ru platform


To achieve positive results through blogging, follow these rules:

  • create not just unique content, but also useful content that will be interesting to read;
  • show yourself as an expert – talk about the specifics of your activity and try to convince the reader that you really know about it;
  • describe the product in such a way that there is no fear of buying it, for example, if you sell winter socks, you can say that they are warm even in the north – this will close the fear that it will be cold;
  • talk about new products to generate demand.

After the text of the article, it is advisable to add a call to action – for this, you can place an order form or an offer to subscribe to email newsletters.

Social networks

Above, we already talked about the fact that you can start advertising on social networks, but there is also a more budget-friendly way to tell about yourself and attract new customers – to create a group. This is a convenient channel for distributing content. An account in social networks can be considered as a separate site, where you will not only talk about the company, but also communicate directly with your audience.

The main work should be aimed at creating your community. This is attracting and uniting people who love your brand and are starting to promote it themselves.

Here are some tips to help you manage your social media:

  • Target audience. Determine which social networks your target audience is on and create an account there.
  • Choose a format. For example, you can start a page or group on VKontakte – create a page if you just want to post content and read user comments. In groups, users can create posts – this will be useful when you need to receive content from subscribers.
  • Create an account. Use the company’s brand book for this – add an avatar, a cover and try to create posts in a uniform style.
  • Come up with rubrics. For this, it is best to make a plan for a week or immediately for a month. Try to post daily or once every 2 days – the main thing is that everything is systematic.
  • Choose the time of publications. Consider the location of your target audience. Practice shows that it is best to publish posts in the early hours – 10 or 12 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Test different content. To find your highlight, try different formats – that way you will understand what works best for your target audience.

For maximum effectiveness, add social media links to your site or blog.

Call tracking

Call tracking helps to find out from where the call to the company was received, for what request, when a certain banner is clicked, and so on. This tool records conversations with customers for further listening and analysis of dialogues.

By analyzing the sources of calls, you can choose the most effective advertising channels. Audio recording of conversations helps to understand what needs to be improved in the work – sensitivity, knowledge of the product or perhaps the ability to handle customer objections.


Such an Internet marketing tool allows you to get backlinks to the site, thanks to content that readers will want to share themselves.

Here are some examples that readers like to share:

  • articles “N ways to learn something”;
  • provocative materials;
  • selections of useful tools;
  • online calculators and tests.

There is a distinction between white and black link baiting. The purpose of the first is to get links. It does not create value for readers and is often based on someone else’s content. The purpose of the second is to get links, as well as to benefit visitors and draw attention to the product.

Chat bots

Chatbots are automatic assistants that work in messengers and social networks, for example, VKontakte. When someone writes in private messages, the bot issues a pre-prepared response and reaction options for the client.

With the help of such a tool, you can configure many scenarios of dialogue with the subscriber. For example, find the right thing according to the given parameters or just play a quiz.

Email marketing

Email marketing allows you to build communication between a business and a client through mailings. Its main tasks are to convert visitors into buyers, stimulate repeat purchases, and maintain contact with customers.

What email marketing includes – we will briefly consider further.


This is the division of the subscriber base into groups. The following criteria are most often used:

  • sex;
  • age;
  • residence;
  • Interests and hobbies;
  • behavior on the site: which sections a person looked at, which products he chose;
  • behavior in newsletters: opening, following links in the letter;
  • shopping frequency etc.


Automation is an automatic way to send emails at a certain time and when any action is performed. For example, if the user added a product to the cart, but did not pay for it, then a reminder is sent to him by mail.

A/B testing

Such testing involves the formation and sending of two versions of letters. The letter that worked better becomes the leader and is used in subsequent mailings. Thus, you can get the most effective tool for attracting subscribers.

Lead magnets

Lead magnet

A lead magnet offering a course as a gift

A lead magnet is a gift that motivates users to subscribe. With its help, you can solve the following tasks:

  • motivate to subscribe to the newsletter;
  • show the expertise of the company;
  • give users a taste of the product for free.

Instead of imprisonment

For the most effective return, it is best to use several web marketing tools. And even if one method does not work, the other will certainly bear fruit. And if everything works out, it will lead to brand recognition, attracting new customers and increasing sales.

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