The Cooler Master company showed a gaming chair with a feedback system


During the game, the speakers will turn the sounds of what is happening on the screen into a real vibration of the chair, and the built-in acoustic system is responsible for this.

The Cooler Master company creates gaming accessories and furniture, and another novelty was the Synk X chair with a tactile feedback system. In addition to traditional built-in elements – adjustment of the pillow, armrests and backrest, extendable footrest – the base of the chair has an acoustic system. It is she who is able to convert sounds into vibrations in real time and immerse the player in the atmosphere of what is happening. You can also listen to music using the system.

Cooler Master Sync X


Claimed support for wireless connection via Bluetooth or radio channel, as well as wired connection via the AUX connector. In addition, the chair has a built-in battery that will provide up to 8 hours of music playback and up to 4 hours of continuous vibration. Cooler Master Synk X will work with various PCs, mobile devices and game consoles, but so far neither the release date nor the price of the novelty has been named.

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