Tripwire: what it is, why it is needed and how to create it correctly

In this material, we will consider such a marketing tool as a tripwire and understand how to create it. Tripwire is often used in online services, the field of service provision, as well as in the information business.

What is a tripwire

Internet marketers use autofunnels to increase conversions and convert leads into customers. With the help of a lead magnet – a free product or service that carries value for the buyer – contacts are collected, after which the user is offered to buy tripwire.

Tripwire's place in the sales pitch
Tripwire is a product that motivates the customer to make a quick purchase decision. It is a product or service offered at a symbolic price. The tripwirer’s task is to encourage the consumer to make an impulse purchase. At the same time, the user overcomes the fear of the first purchase and turns into a customer.

The function of the tripwire is also to convey to the buyer the main value of the product and prepare the consumer to continue the path along the sales rampage – bringing him to make the main purchase.

Having seen a product offer for a minimal amount, for example, a subscription to an online cinema for 30 days for just 1 ruble, the user quickly makes a purchase and watches his favorite movies. After converting a user into a client, the possibility of repeat purchase increases many times, because the client will have time to get acquainted with the service, learn how it works, and if everything suits him, he will make a repeat purchase for the full price. In addition, he will already be registered in the service and will not have to re-enter his bank card number and invent a password for login.

The online cinema offers a subscription for 30 days for 1 ruble

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Types of tripwires

Three types of tripwires can be distinguished: info products, products with limited functionality, and products with a deep discount.

To info products include:

  • Project audit, for example, site, advertisement or page/group analysis in a social network. It is used by digital agencies, marketing companies, and is also suitable for information businessmen. After conducting a free analysis, the firm or specialist issues recommendations for improvement and offers its services.
  • Webinar allows an expert to hold an online meeting with potential customers. It is used in the B2B segment, online schools, suitable for online and offline consultants.
  • Lessons/classes – this tripwire is an introductory lesson or workshop at a discount. This option is suitable for online or offline schools, various educational platforms, as well as trainers and tutors.

One of the types of trips is an introductory class with a discount
Tripwire that is product with limited functionality, allows you to demonstrate the main features of the product or service, but does not allow you to use all options or time limits. Such products include applications and Internet services with limited functionality and online courses with temporary access to assignments or tests. For example, a user will have the opportunity to take a free course, but will not be able to take an exam after completion and receive a certificate.

Tripwire in sales – a product with a deep discount or on sale, which the user receives at a much lower price compared to the normal cost. An example of such a tripwire is a subscription to an online service at a minimum price (at the same time, after the end of the trial period, the subscription continues at the usual price), as well as the purchase of a product by new customers of the service or an online store at a large discount.

Tips for creating a tripwire

When creating a tripwire, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • Tripwire should organically fit into the product line offered to customers.
  • You should sell the tripwire at the minimum price, because the task of this marketing tool is to encourage the user to make an impulse purchase. If you overprice, the customer will take a long time to make a purchase decision, as in the case of the main product.
  • Tripwire should help the customer solve their problem. To do this, you need to determine the pain points and needs of the user, which tripwire will be able to close. If the tripwire is useless, no one will buy it even for 1 ruble. You can calculate the price according to the formula: Tripwire = 1/10 of the cost of the main product. When selling complex products, the difference in the cost of the tripwire and the main product may be less – 1/5 or 1/4. The main thing to remember when creating a tripwire is the ratio of price and value. The latter should be several times higher than the price.
  • The client should have thoughts about leaving the implementation of the target for later. To do this, use additional methods of motivation – offer a discount for the first 20 buyers, inform about a price increase in a couple of days, or offer something free as a bonus.
  • There is no need to completely close the user’s need. It is necessary to create a need for the main product, using a tripwire for this, and send the buyer to the next stage of the tear.
  • Tripwire needs to be made easy to use so that the buyer can use it here and now.

Let’s summarize

The main task of a tripwirer is to offer a product to a potential buyer for a minimum amount, which will help the user overcome the fear of making the first purchase. If the offer seems beneficial to the buyer, the tripwire will quickly turn it into a customer. For example, a discount on the first order will allow the consumer to make a purchase decision without much thought.

Another important function of tripwire is to communicate the main value of the product to the user. Tripwire not only encourages the customer to buy, but also gives a chance to get to know the product, evaluate it in the case and make a decision on repeat purchase.

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