Stellarium 1.0 virtual planetarium was released


The creators of the project announced the release of the first version of Stellarium. This is a virtual computer planetarium, with which three-dimensional navigation of the starry sky is available.

Stellarium 1.0 includes a database of 600+ thousand stars and 80 thousand space objects, as well as information about constellations and nebulae. A little help is given for each, all objects can be zoomed in and out, and 3D visualization and simulation of space objects under different observation conditions are also available.

The virtual planetarium can be run on Windows, Linux and macOS, as well as downloaded to mobile devices or opened in the web version. In addition, Stellarium supports the ability to project the image onto the planetarium dome and integrate with the telescope.

Screenshots of Stellarium

Screenshots of Stellarium. Image:

It is noted that the authors of Stellarium have been developing their brainchild for 20 years. The project code is written in C++ using the Qt framework, it is distributed under the GPLv2 license.

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