The government has approved a new accreditation procedure for IT companies


The Government of the Russian Federation has approved a new scheme for state accreditation of IT companies. In the updated requirements, the change affected revenue in the IT sphere, employee wages, and other parameters. The resolution is published on the official online portal of legal information.

In total, the Ministry of Digital has developed two options for accreditation so that not only large but also small IT companies can go through this process. According to Code Durov, the company just needs to choose one of the most convenient options. However, in any case, the main type of economic activity should be a profile IT-KVED. Otherwise, the requirements for both options look like this:

  1. The average salary of employees is not lower than the average for the country or region, and the website presents information about the IT developments being implemented.
  2. The company’s income is more than 1 million rubles; the right holder of the software is in the domestic registry and receives income from the exercise of rights to it; the website presents information about the implemented work in the field of IT.

By November 1, the Ministry of Digitization must approve the list of activities related to the IT sphere. At the same time, by December 1, the administrative regulations for granting accreditation must already be approved.

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