Tesla presented the new Dojo supercomputer


It is the company’s own development, created for video-based AI machine learning. According to the media, the Dojo proved to be so powerful that it knocked out the electricity system in the city of Palo Alto during infrastructure testing.

The company already has a supercomputer based on NVIDIA, and the new development used Tesla’s own technologies, which are used in the creation of electric cars. The company needs such a supercomputer to process data coming from Tesla electric cars and train artificial intelligence. All this is needed for the development of safe driving technologies, and Musk suggested the possibility of providing a new supercomputer as a service.

Dojo features can be seen in the image below:

Features of Dojo

Features of DojoImage: electrek.co

In addition, the company’s engineers said that for the new supercomputer they had to create their own high-performance cooling and power supply system, and during one of the tests, specialists managed to achieve a power of more than 2 MW, after which the work of the Palo Alto city power system was disrupted.

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