What is an API: customization and integration on the site


A recent update to Cheapsender added the ability to use the API for customers. It allows you to integrate the functionality of email distribution with third-party services and applications, which, in turn, will allow you to conduct transactional and marketing mailings, as well as track their statistics.

In today’s article, we talk about what API integration is and how to work with it, using Cheapsender as an example.

What is an API?

API (from the English Application Programming Interface) is a special tool that allows you to establish interactions between programs.

To understand, imagine some service, for example, Golovred. It has the ability to proofread text and track its usefulness. To use such a function, you need to go to the site and add a text fragment for verification. There is nothing complicated in this, and the situation itself is typical, but what if we want clients to do text analysis on our site directly from Glavred? In such cases, an API helps to integrate certain functionality from a third-party resource.

How does this relate to the mailing service? Everything works in a similar way: let’s say you have a certain mailing, for example, for those who made a purchase in an online store. At the same time, you add customer contacts manually, through a table or in another way. In order not to constantly carry out such manipulations, you can integrate the API with the site. It allows you to automatically enter subscribers who have left their data, for example, in the order form when purchasing a product.

In this way, you will set up the automation of mailings and save your time – the subscriber base will be updated automatically, and it will be enough to choose the appropriate template for sending.

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Benefits of using Cheapsender’s API

Every customer can use the Cheapsender API – there is no need to make additional contributions. The connection is included in the payment of a 30-day package of letters for distribution, the cost of which starts from 70 rubles for 5,000 letters.

With this you will get:

  • API keys required for connection, which will be stored in your personal account;
  • access to statistics, where you can see information on API calls, sent and delivered letters, the number of clicks on the link and the percentage of open;
  • the ability to integrate the API with the site, any other service or program.

To use the API, you will need to get a key from your personal account. We will talk about how to do this later.


How to connect API from Cheapsender

Before doing an API integration, we recommend that you first read the documentation. If you don’t plan to do it yourself, send the link to the developer.

To receive the key itself, you need to register a personal account Cheapsender: just open the registration form on the first screen, enter your login, email and password.

Please note that you will need mail on your corporate domain to send. You will not be able to send emails to subscribers from a regular email address, because you cannot change DNS records.

Registration in the Cheapsender mailing service

After successful registration, you will get to your personal account – there go to the “Mailing API” section. It will display API keys and detailed statistics on their usage.

To get an API, you need to fill out a simple questionnaire, where you need to specify the name of the project, the domain of the sender, as well as briefly tell how the subscriber base was obtained and how you plan to use the integration through the API. After that, you need to click the “Send application” button.

How to get API and integrate your project with Cheapsender

The deadline for considering an application is up to 24 hours. All information will be sent to your email address specified when registering an account.

For more detailed instructions on obtaining APIs, see Obtaining APIs.

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