Pollster: which advertisement is most trusted in Russia


The pollster, together with Motive agency&production, conducted an online panel survey to determine the level of trust of Russians in advertising in the digital environment. The research sample consisted of 1,900 people over the age of 18 with an imprint of all the socio-demographic properties of the population of the Russian Federation.

It turned out that Russians trust the recommendations of friends on social networks the most. Then there are reviews on marketplaces and review services, such as IRecommend. Targeted and contextual advertising came in third place in terms of trust. The lowest degree of trust has the offers of goods and services on social networks and YouTube, as well as ads in applications, bloggers, audio advertising in podcasts and music services.

As for the degree of perception, 51% of respondents said that visual content is better perceived. 44% of respondents perceive text and images better, 23% – only text and only images, and 12% found the audio format convenient.

Next, the researchers studied the types of annoying advertising. Intrusive advertisements seemed to be the most unpleasant for the respondents โ€“ they annoy 65% โ€‹โ€‹of the survey participants. The next annoying type is ads that do not close (64%) or interfere with watching and listening to content (61%). Other types are presented in the diagram below.

Survey by an interviewer on the trust of Russians in advertising

Regarding ad blocking: 47% of respondents use antivirus and other programs on a laptop for this extension, and 40% do it with the help of applications on a smartphone.

Researchers also discovered types of advertising. The survey showed that Internet users pay more attention to ads on the website (77%), in social networks (72%), search engines (71%), and mobile applications (70%). At the same time, the majority (60%) are satisfied with native advertising, which contains useful information and does not offer goods and services directly.

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