How to make text in a frame in Discord


One of the unusual ways to format Discord text is to frame it. This will be useful for various ads on the server that need to stand out from other messages. Unfortunately, text cannot be placed in a frame using the standard text formatting tools, so you’ll have to add the required code characters yourself, which I’ll show next.

Option 1: Frame with selected edges

First, let’s dwell on the popular option. The formatting method involves adding a frame with highlighted edges to the text in Discord so that the text is clearly visible among other messages. To create such a design, you need to perform a few simple actions.

  1. First, open the text channel and activate the message dialing line.Activation of the input field for writing text in the Discord frame

  2. Paste any content and move the input cursor to the beginning.Adding a text message in the Discord frame

  3. Using the button IS in the English layout, add characters before the main message ““. Paste the first part of the code for writing text in the Discord framework

  4. Do the same at the end to get the format “message”.Paste the second part of the code for writing text in the Discord framework

  5. Click Enter to send the message and see the result. You should see a clear outline in a box with highlighted edges, which is what we need.Send a text message in Discord

  6. Within one message, you can make several different frames, for example, to create a more visual list.Creating a list to write text in Discord

  7. In the following screenshot, you can see how such a list looks like in a frame after sending a message.Checking the sent list for writing text in Discord

Later, I will talk about the standard methods of text formatting, but now I would like to note that the text in the frame cannot be written in bold or italics, which is due to the peculiarities of the code being used. Instead of the proper formatting, you’ll just get a few asterisks or apostrophes next to your message.

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Option 2: Standard formatting

Based on the fact that the text selected in the frame cannot be made bold or italic, the proposed option will not work for some users. Especially for such cases, I offer an alternative, but not so beautiful in terms of appearance.

  1. You will need to write the text first, then select it and click on the icon on the panel that appears <>to add a highlight to the message.Highlight text before formatting for writing text in Discord

  2. After sending it, you will see that the text itself is now written on a darker background. Yes, it cannot be called a full-fledged frame, but it will be fine for emphasis. Moreover, you can add italics, strike out or make them bold, combining all the available formatting options supported in the desktop version of Discord.The result of the second formatting option for writing text in the Discord framework

These are the simple methods of placing text in a frame when writing them in personal messages or text channels of servers. Use different design options when appropriate.

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