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If a company is just starting to work on promoting its services, it needs the most effective and profitable marketing. One of the ways of its creation is the introduction of data driven methodology, and from the early stages. Links.Sape Product Manager Oleksandr Shestakov and CoMagic Product Manager Levon Sargsyan talked about how to achieve this and how to organize the workflow.

Creation and promotion of a new site

Promotion begins already at the stage of creating a new site. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is not so much attracting new traffic as converting it into the specific actions you need. For example, if the company offers some services, then visitors should not just go to the site, read about them and leave, but, for example, register or order callbacks. Ideally, order a service.

You can achieve high traffic conversion if the site meets the interests of the audience. It should be understood here that the wider it is, the more diverse its need. This problem is solved by creating an up-to-date and relevant semantic core. This is analytical work that requires a thorough study of the most successful competitors from the top Google and Yandex. Find out what queries they are targeting and what they are doing to increase traffic and conversions.

The general concept of the site must be worked out in advance before you start creating it. This is especially important, since not every option can be implemented in the future, or it may require excessive expenditure of effort and resources. Yes, if you did not plan to create a blog to post informative content, then on many sites it will be too difficult to add it later.

They often skimp on site development, mistakenly expecting to compensate for shortcomings with effective promotion

They often skimp on site development, mistakenly expecting to compensate for shortcomings with effective promotion

Depending on what you want to get at the output, you should also choose a site engine. To create a basic business card site, it will be enough to use a designer based on Tilda, which even a beginner can easily handle. Such a resource can perform basic tasks, in addition, it will be possible to conduct SEO experiments and work out various hypotheses.

For more large-scale and complex projects, such a site is most likely not enough – in this case, the possibility of further refinement and development is needed without making titanic efforts. If you use a framework, it will not create additional problems for developers who will improve the site in the future. For an online store, for example, free CMSs are good, but they are distinguished by increased vulnerability to attackers’ attacks, and this should be borne in mind.

The more necessary options you implement from the very beginning, the better. Think about what exactly might be needed in the future – even if some sections are not needed now, they may be needed in the future.

Work out the security of data and the site as a whole – it is not too expensive and difficult, but it will save you time, money and, most importantly, reputation. It is necessary to be able to regularly monitor the situation, monitor the development of the business and the indicators of your resource.

It has proven itself very well at all stages of development and creation of the site data driven methodology – decision-making based on the analysis of specific numerical indicators. It is important for young companies to decide whether they want to take this approach, as this requires a qualitative redesign of many work processes.

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Work on data driven methodology

Although this methodology is currently being actively studied and implemented in many companies, especially in the field of marketing, it is not an innovation that can be implemented in a short time. The difficulty lies in the fact that using data driven is expensive and time-consuming. Working according to this methodology requires a fundamentally different way of thinking and should become a habit for all employees.

Basically, you need to be able to regularly receive relevant and trustworthy data, for which you need the appropriate tools. Employees must have a sufficient level of expertise to correctly interpret information and form a real picture based on it. And further, they need to make decisions based on the obtained picture. This requires responsibility and independence – that is, a developed corporate culture.

It is believed that all companies go through a number of stages on the way of their development, and at each of them the implementation of data driven will not take place in the same way, and also, most likely, will give different results. For example, Gartner uses the definition of the level of development of the concept of awareness and readiness to work with accurate data.

So, at the initial stage, the company is just starting to regularly collect data and make decisions based on it. At the same time, we are talking about mostly manual work: some automation of accounting is unlikely, since the system is still being formed. In addition, employees of all levels need to start making decisions only according to this methodology.

Undoubtedly, it is impossible to implement data driven simultaneously throughout the company. Usually, the process starts with one department, and further operations and personnel are added to it. To decide when it is better to start, you need to analyze the situation, do an audit of all activities and do not postpone the implementation for a long time so as not to be late. The fact is that a significant number of companies begin the transition when their efficiency begins to decline, so the results are not as good as they could be.

You should choose the optimal moment when the company is growing and data driven will help you get the maximum possible income from marketing. The number of different sales channels is growing every year – using a decision-making methodology based on data analytics, you can select the most profitable and invest only in them. Thus, the ratio of costs to profit will change in favor of the latter.

Specifics of data analysis

There is no universal set of parameters and metrics, tracking which any company will be able to make equally weighted decisions. A lot depends on the audience, business topics, regional specifics. For example, for some companies, the size of the average check will be more important, for others – the cost of attracting customers.

However, it is safe to say that both values ​​and their dynamics are important for any parameter. For example, the size of the average check may be quite good, but if it does not change for many years, then this indicates stagnation. Also, thanks to the monitoring of dynamics, it is possible to track the weak points in the marketing policy and take measures to strengthen them.

The first data obtained and their analysis will help to correctly set the tasks, determine the directions of work and specify further activities. So, seeing a steady increase in the number of calls, but a slump in their conversion, marketing can allocate additional efforts and funds to correct this situation, as this potentially leads to a significant increase in profits.

However, for such processes to be possible, it is necessary consistently:

  • choose the main monitoring metrics;

  • collect analysis tools and train employees to use them;

  • to form a habit of new organization of the work process at all levels.

Gradually, along with active practical application, data driven methods will no longer be perceived by the team as a foreign innovation and will become one of the main elements of the work process.

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