Cloudflare introduced a new kind of captcha that verifies the browser, not the person

The other day, Cloudflare announced the release of a new type of captcha – Turnstile. According to the developers, it quickly and easily identifies a person and a robot, while reducing time and does not require solving any tasks. The alternative is still in beta and is currently available for free to anyone.

According to the company, the average person spends 32 seconds to complete a standard CAPTCHA test. The newly developed option will distinguish a person from a robot in a couple of seconds. At the same time, there is no need to solve any tasks, enter words or select images.

Turnstile distinguishes a user from a bot based on their behavior and activity in the browser. Cloudflare notes that the technology is completely confidential, does not collect information about people visiting sites, and encrypts information during transmission.

For now, the company is conducting open testing of the new technology and invites other administrators to participate in it. On the company’s website, you can access the API to integrate Turnstile into any web product.

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